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About Mansoor Mehmood

Mansoor Mehmood

Mansoor Mehmood

Software Engineer at F3


Mansoor Mehmood’s Summary

I am a software engineer by profession.I am Developing software since 2005.My goal or aim is to become one of the best dot net specialist around the world. I am very hard working and I am always willing to learn to improve my skills in software development.

I have been awarded the best employee at MTBC for the month of June 2007. I have secured 1st position in my master degree

Mansoor Mehmood’s Education:

I have done master's in computer science from the University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi in year 2007.I have done BCS from the Newport Institute of communication and economics in year 2004.I have took my initial level studies from the Islamabad model colleges, specifically Islamabad model college for boys G 8/4.I have topped my university during my masters degree(MCS).

My Websites/Projects:

I have develop few projects during my studies which are as under.
Website of trading company , Online furniture sale shop
PC Ludo game (using turbo C language)
Shortest job first algorithm simulation (using turbo C language)
GSM network simulation (using .NET C#)

My Interests:

I love developing desktop and web applications.I have developed desktop and web application for my employer and keep developing,. I love reading books related to history of Islam . I love playing computer games and watching movies.I have played a lot of cricket during my studies but now a days only watch cricket on TV (because of my very busy professional schedule).

About My Family

We are six (6) brothers and I am the eldest . My father (Manzoor Hussain Qureshi)has served in Pakistan government service for thirty (30) years.We belong from Mandra , a town in Tehsil Gujar Khan and district Rawalpindi.

My Recent Activities

I am working with a team whose goal is to develop or suggest the suitable software architecture for the next five (5) years. Developing or suggesting an architecture is really a very difficult job as all the new projects are going to follow it in future.We are studying and analyzing few of the best architectures and best practices already in use, through out the world. We worked in SOA based applications in past, now we are trying to improve current SOA by introducing few new technologies like PRISM , WCF and .net frame work 4.

I am also looking into WPF and Silverlight technologies.I have studied the Microsoft Enterprise Library blocks.I am very impressed with these blocks as they are covering very important crosscutting concern of application.The block are related to logging, exception handling, caching, cryptography, validation and security. I do recommend all .Net developers to study and use the enterprise library.

Recently I have been awarded the 2nd best software engineer of the year. I am very happy to receive the award, this will encourage me more to work hard and efficiently in future. Here are few pictures from the ceremony.

2nd prize for Mansoor
Mansoor receiving 2nd best software engineer prize in above picture. My team also get declared as the best team of the year 2009-2010.

Team of year
In above picture Mansoor is in group photo with his team.

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